Spiritual Growth Camp in Turkey

This retreat is for those who want to break free from the prison of their mind, seek success, joy & ultimate liberation, all at the same time. Ready to meet your tribe and scale up your impact on the world?
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Creado por Happiitude

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Join the biggest Spiritual Party for the Inner Yogis

Istanbul, from 13th to 16th Sept.

If you have really lived your life to the edge, you are definitely looking beyond the ordinary. The loud music, drinks, and parties are no big thing for you. You somehow feel there is something beyond, some bigger experience that can give you the next kick! Stop trying to seek the ultimate bliss in de Wine, all you need is a taste of DiVine. You don’t need chemicals from the outside because you can create your own chemicals of joy and bliss!

It’s not for the yogis living in the Himalayas, it’s for the yogis living in the madness of this modern world.

Ready for a Prison Break?

Have you noticed that anything that you strongly like or dislike, very soon becomes your own prison?

Our liking for a particular kind of place, person, or even food does not let us experience the other side of that. Before we realize it, our success becomes our biggest barrier and our strengths become our weaknesses. 

It’s time to take out 4 days to break your own prison – a prison of limitation, scarcity, and fears.

Get Ready to Drench with all the Colors of Life

Powerful Activities

It’s enough of reading books, watching  videos or listening to other people’s podcasts, time to get into action 


The world is going to be even more noisy, loud and distracting but you need to build your own inner space of silence, bliss and clarity. 

Heart to Heart

If you observe, you will see in your day-to-day life, there are heads to talking other heads, when are you going to allow your heart to speak to listen?

Spiritual Dance & Music Movement

We store all our emotions in our bodies, and using ancient Rasa Sadhna techniques through dance & music opens you to a deeper level of experiences

Divine Gossip

When we gossip, we use too many words but divine gossip in silence, have you ever listened to that?

Five Elemental Cleansing

In yogic science, the deepest level of work is possible only when we do cleansing on the five elements because these elements create the atom to the mountain.

Break your Boundaries

What you like to dislike always keeps you busy within your boundaries but when you expand them, new opportunities and the magic of life open up to you

Included in your Pass:

  • 3 night stay in a beautiful boutique property (twin sharing)*
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Session materials and booklets
  • Access to all event activities and program 
  • Transportation during the retreat
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Wifi connection   

*You can also choose single room accommodation that is available at an additional cost. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Not included in your Pass:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Flight Costs
  • Visa Fee if applicable
  • Airport Transfers
  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary 
  • Additional treatments
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions above

Our Past Participants Speak

“Met some of my soul family these past days. My screen time was 8 minutes, yet I was more connected than I ever was. Those who can laugh, cry, sing and dance without hesitation or shame are the one who purify this universe. So blessed and thankful that we did it all, together!”

~ Ezgi Eriç

“Rasa Sadhana was one of the most extended and impactful retreats of all my life. I had precious moments with these strangers, later appear to be as close as family. I thank all of you for being a colourful piece of my journey.”

~ Furkan Yagiz

“There was a rebirth, my empty cup has once again been filled with beautiful emotions, loads of wisdom and motivation. It’s been a big step forward in all respects. Gratitude and love to all.”

~ Archana Malhotra



Spirituality Is Not For The Ones Who Are Seeking To Survive But For Those Who Want To Thrive And Want To Do Something Meaningful With Their Lives

What All You Will Experience

  • Breakthrough Talks
  • Spiritual Party
  • Powerful Meditations
  • Elemental Cleansing
  • Morning Rituals
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Silence Hours
  • Playful yet Profound Activities
  • Live Performances
  • Authentic Connections
  • Divine Gossip
  • Paint your Life

Meet & Connect with your Soul Family

Have you ever experienced complete acceptance of who you are? Without any judgments, biases, or opinions—just pure acceptance?

Just like a baby experiencing the world around them with innocence, purity, and love! Did you know that we all have the capacity for that?

However, most of the time, people keep their defenses up because they fear being judged by others. Yet, the moment you create a space of true vulnerability, where each person is received with grace, human encounters transform into divine experiences. And that’s precisely what happens at our camps, where people forge bonds that transcend the mind, body, race, caste, creed, nationality, or religion. It’s in these spaces that true soul connections are formed.

Come join us for a lifetime experience!

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